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All information published on this website are generally released for re-use within the meaning of the positive coverage of the hotel and vineyard or their products without further request, appart from pictures. The contractor is in any use (reproduction, distribution, broadcast, website, email, etc.) committed to the copyright notice in the sense of Wura (Universal Copyright Convention) pursuant to § 2 para. 1 no. 1 UrhG clear and legible (visible), immediately upon photo and attach this uniquely assigned, eg as follows: © raffeiner_multi_visual_art. It should be noted that any further use under appropriate source (Gartenhotel & Weingut Pfeffel Dürnstein – must take place. About copies we would be very happy.

Image licensing

Made available on the website / newsletters / various printing locations of Gartenhotel Pfeffel GmbH materials and photos are free and copyright-free use, exclusively in the context of positive for the Gartenhotel Pfeffel GmbH reporting / s and / or publication / s on the Gartenhotel Pfeffel GmbH and its products (including the estate Pfeffel) available. By using this data you acknowledge that any change of the data, such as a partial reproduction of a photo, a distortion or an installation in another object, without express authorization, and any disclosure or sale of such materials is expressly prohibited.

A condition of use is the following source + website address: “Gartenhotel & Weingut Pfeffel Dürnstein –”!

Some pictures and graphics of the website / newsletter / the various printing locations of Gartenhotel Pfeffel GmbH include images / pictures and graphics other photographers and authors whose image rights has acquired the Garden Hotel, such as .:

  • multi visual art
  • Danube northeast GmbH
  • Danube Lower Austria / Othmar Bramberger
  • Danube Lower Austria / Steve Haider
  • Lower Austria / advertising K.M.Westermann
  • Lower Austria advertising / Lois Lammerhuber
  • Winzer Krems / Faber
  • Danube Lower Österrich / Gerald Lechner
  • Danube Lower Austria / Lachlan Blair
  • Danube Lower Austria / Rudi White
  • Danube Lower Austria / Gregor Semrad (eg. Dürnsteinfoto on the home page and in the sub-pages)
  • Visual Studio Teschl
  • Arche Noah / Rupert Pessl
  • Individuelle Freie Trauungen / Martin Skopal
  • Burgruine Aggstein / Manfred Kostner
  • Domäne Wachau / Michael Parak
  • Stift Dürnstein / Franz Weingartner
  • Garten Tulln / Philipp Monihart, Robert Herbst
  • Schloss Grafenegg / Alexander Haiden
  • Kittenberger / Andreas Hofer
  • Kunstmeile / Ingerl Kurt, Raffael F. Lehner
  • Renaissanceschloss Rosenburg / Lichtstark
  • Whisky Erlebniswelt / Fotostudio Kerschbaum, Imre Antal
  • Winzer Krems / RobertHerbst

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Photos and graphics

u.a. Photography Alexander Pfeffel

Email for requests for use of photos, or to request a quote for photo shoots:

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