"Wedding photos are valuable. They not only document the proverbial most beautiful day in the life of a bride and groom - they capture intimate moments and emotions that will touch future generations."

Alexander Pfeffel – Premium Film & Foto

Alexander Pfeffel is a real professional - he is not a typical type of artist. That means for you: He won't have you pose like everyone – he will get you "this one perfectly composed photo" especially for you.

The aesthetic eye is in Alexander Pfeffel’s blood, but authenticity is important to him – and that carries more weight.

Regardless of whether you “only” want photos or – now even more popular – video recordings of your special event – with Alexander Pfeffel you can get both at once if you wish. Which of course has some advantages. For example, that there are not too many people running around your wedding. And then of course: The costs are different – as it can be done in one go – filming and taking photos.

Your dream wedding will only take place once. Well, at least everyone who gets married assumes it. So take Alexander Pfeffel with you right away – for photos that will touch your heart much later. For videos that tell the whole story, only nicer. And for the fun factor, because you will see: He’s a really likeable guy who likes to laugh and will share many reasons for it with you.

Your wedding will only take place on a small scale or some relatives and friends cannot attend it in person? Then our live streaming offer is made for you. You will receive a link to the stream in advance, which your guests can use to follow the broadcast of your wedding on YouTube from the comfort of their own home.

With his relaxed, happy and uncomplicated manner, Alexander Pfeffel makes your most beautiful day in life a little more beautiful – and above all – easier. He himself is a family man and, in addition to dealing with cameras, is also wonderful at dealing with personalities of all kinds.

Shall we put some pressure on you? Our cooperation with printing companies for professionals, ensure that you will enjoy your pictures as a print, as a mural or as an indestructible photo book for a long time to come. Having your photographer take care of the printing right away has a few advantages of its own: At last – he knows how to treat the photographs to publish in the right way.


A bit retro and still guaranteed to have fun: Ask about our photo box for your celebration! You know, the thing that takes fun snapshots with family and friends.

Engagement Shootings / Couple Shootings:

“Engagement Shooting” is how you call taking photos at your engagement party, if you want to “express yourself” … or, if it’s not about eternity, but more about love itself: couple shooting. Whatever you like to call it – you’ll have fun on your photo shoot as a couple. At least if Alexander Pfeffel is your photographer. And later you can use the photos for your save-the-date and wedding invitations. Practical, isn’t it?

You just want to capture your love for each other and your happiness in pictures in between? Then Alexander Pfeffels Couple Shooting is the best choice. Also ideal as a Christmas present, for a birthday or an anniversary for your partner. Or for the parents, the grandma and so on. (You know how relatives are like.)

Baptisms, confirmations, first communion:

Is there anything more precious than great moments in your child’s life?

Alexander Pfeffel accompanies you and your family at the baptism, confirmation or first communion of your child. Depending on your wishes, he can take pictures during the ceremony himself, group pictures before and after or of the festivities afterwards. These special and intimate moments of your family are captured for eternity in professional and expressive photos and videos. In this way you can look back with your child on this unique day in their life.

Please include: LINK to a baptism video: https://youtu.be/jUJCOpUmVqk

School photography / kindergarten photography:

Whether portraits or group photos, whether a happy birthday party, school- or kindergarten picture: Alexander Pfeffel is an expert in photography for very young people, especially when it comes to having fun shooting, age-appropriate processes and everything that makes children’s eyes shine.

Photo tours and workshops!

If you are interested in photography and / or would like to expand your photographic knowledge, I offer you the opportunity to combine the beauty of the Wachau vallay with your hobby from a repertoire of possible tours.

These hikes are offered as part of the “Wachau HIATA® Movement” and have been very popular for years – more on my Facebook page!

(LINK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Alexander.PfeffelPhotoVideo)

Do you want to be a model?

In addition to commissioned work, for which I rely on professional models, I also do a lot of FREE WORK – year after year for which I might be exactly looking for … YOU! 😉

Anyone who has always wanted to stand in front of the camera as a model, may have found the ideal setting in one of these projects to prove their skills, or just to experience the feeling!

– since I don’t CONSTANTLY update this website, but rather see it as a static – generally valid – collection of information, I organize and inform about free work on my social media channels – especially Facebook!

– I do an average of 2-3 freelance jobs a year. More is not possible, because these are often VERY time-consuming! For example, in the course of this FREE WORK, I once created a “virtual tour” through the Wachau, or even created a video that shows dozens of bridal couples during their portrait shoots in the vineyards around Dürnstein, Weissenkirchen and Spitz! The preparation time for such shootings alone is easily consuming 1.5 months …

– therefore, my tip: If YOU want to stand in front of the camera – free of charge and completely without obligation – then just contact me by email and I will add you to my mailing list!

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