Shipping in the Wachau

The part of the Danube between Melk and Krems are easily accessible by boat – several shipping companies are doing tours. Do a day cruise on the most beautiful part of the Danube – the Wachau area! In this region the river meanders through the picturesque villages and flew past the vineyards. Especially beautiful at apricot blooming and as well when the vineyards are greener than green. Time tables on reception desk.

DDSG – Blue Danube:

On board of “MS Prinz Eugen” and “MS Wachau” you are able to enjoy the valley from the water way.

Brandner Cruises:

The „MS Austria“ is daily on the cruise in the World Heritage area.

Ferry Dürnstein-Rossatz

This ferry is transporting persons and bikes. The crossing is on belonging and in case of any weather.

Flying bridge Spitz-Arnsdorf

The flying bridge is between Spitz and Arnsdorf. The ferry got a carrying capacity is 20 tons and is convoying persons and cars.

Roller ferry Weissenkirchen

The historic roller ferry connects Weißenkirchen with the town of St. Lorenz on the other bank of the Danube.