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Living where the wine lives. The 4-Star-Hotel Pfeffel in Dürnstein / Wachau

A warm welcome in the Weingut Pfeffel

Natural born beauty instead of cosmetic – our winery is based on a few principles / We are producing wines we want to drink ourselves / Healthy and honest products should develop / It should be fun to work in our winery and we want to get better every year.

The Winery

Our cellar is brand-new and therefor very functional. We are computer-assisted, but our wines are no “touch of a button” wines.  We want to keep the tradition of creative thinking, we want to react flexible and we want to rely on our own feelings. We are working cleanly and accurately, barely filter our wines and treat the grapes as gentle as possible.

It is fascinating to produce good wines! Better than that, is the determining moment of tasting one of those wines you have seen from the blooming – to the growing and ripening in the wine cellar.

With increasing success of the Winery, Leopold Pfeffel made his dream come true. 20 years ago he planted each grapevine by hand, now he is able to give his achievement to his children hands.

About 1,5 hectare vine area in outstanding vineyard sites is farmed by the Family Pfeffel. Varietal wines like Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Gelber Muskateller, Muskat Ottonell, Neuburger and Zweigelt are growing on our mostly steep slopes.

Especially the Riesling of the “Schreiberberg”, a south-south-east site with pure rock soil is very famous with our guests. Year by year this site is producing wines with accomplished ripeness and honest taste. The never ending care of the grapes, the organic possibilities of pest control, the gentle processing in the cellar, as well as the established  oenological knowledge are the the main thing to grow special wines. 

Good wine is more than pure pleasure because the bliss and joy while drinking a good wine enchants and remains in a romantic memory.

Motto of our winemaker Leopold Pfeffel, Christian Schachenhofer & Alexander Pfeffel

Steinfeder week

Steinfeder week

Enjoy 1 week: with a Wachauer tasting menu, wine & schnapps tastings, 2 wellness treatments in the Penthouse SPA and much more …

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Wine harvest

Wine harvest

Once to be there, at the vintage ...  “that would be nice”. If you feel about it like that, this package is just the thing for you.

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Hotel Pfeffel The popular 4 star hotel in Dürnstein / Wachau for your next holiday. Enjoy the wine, the culture and the great view on the Danube and the vineyards.
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