Danube in the Wachau

Danube in the Wachau

The pure wachau valley

The pure wachau valley

Wachauer HIATA - hiking guide

Wachauer HIATA - hiking guide

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Bike rental & electric – mobility

Bike rental & electric – mobility

Explore the Wachau valley by bike. Cycle down the Danube on one of the numerous bike ways and  scout the valley in this way.

Bike rental – mobility 

Explore the Wachau valley by bike and enjoy the picturesque landscape with its famous wine terraces and apricot gardens. Our Hotel offers about 20 “Bucher bikes”  ( solid city bikes incl. maintenance agreement) for your bike rides.


City Bike

We offer 20 solid “Bucher” bikes – city bikes (incl. maintenance agreement). This bikes are conceived on normal trails.  Mountain bike trails are not allowed with city bikes.

Half day  €  9,- 

Full day  € 12,- 


Electric mobility in the Wachau valley

You will find the electric charging station provided by EVN along the left and right bank of the Danube to charge your electric vehicles and bikes. You should consider that the charging takes about 2 hours, please aware of that.

Public stations (opened 24 hours)

Aggsbach Dorf (opposite of the grocery store “Nah & Frisch”, B33)

Emmersdorf (opposite of the Hotel-Restaurant Donauhof, B3)

Melk (backside of the tourism office, Babenbergerstraße)

Krems (traffic circle at the shipping station, B3)

Spitz (tourism office, Mittergasse 3a)

Rossatz (Landgasthaus Winzerstüberl)

Mühldorf (bakery museum)

Hainburg an der Donau (grocery store “Spar”)