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Queen Apricot and her kingdom

It belongs to the Wachau like next to it only the grape. And of course it also has a place of honor in the Gartenhotel Pfeffel.

On a hike through their gardens, the apricot tells a lot about blossoms and fruit, about nature and the people who care for it … but above all about the connoisseurs among them.

Tasty nature

It can be found everywhere in the Wachau and especially in the Gartenhotel Pfeffel – in jam pots, chutney glasses, slim brandy bottles and even in wellness and beauty, as a fruity beauty dispenser. But also in front of the door, the apricot, which is called “apricot” in Germany, shapes the landscape. The characteristic fruit trees provide an attractive counterpart to the rows of vines. Especially in spring, when white and pink flowers cover the Wachau valley with a delicate bridal veil towards the end of March. A few weeks later, the apricot blossom is followed by the harvest of the velvety, juicy fruits. Then everything in the Gartenhotel Pfeffel revolves around queen apricots, from apricot dumplings to apricot cakes, from apricot roasters to apricot pancakes.

Guided tours of the orchards

Anyone who would like to find out more about this aromatic fruit from the rose family is in good hands with Heidi Reisinger. During her hikes in the “edible” nature, the herbalist tells about sweet flowers, tasty herbs and also the apricots in the pepper orchard.When the apricots are in bloom and when they are harvested, however, the boss personally goes into his garden on the Danube and leads his guests from tree to tree, explains, lets them taste and smell. And if you have found a liking for the sweet fruit, you can take some of it home with you: Pfeffel’s homemade jam or a bottle of fine-smelling brandy – from the master distillery of Leopold Pfeffel himself.

Events around the apricot

The apricot is celebrated in the Wachau and beyond – events such as “Alles Marille” in Krems or the Apricot Kirtag in Spitz are among the most popular events in the region. You can find all dates in the event calendar.

Apricot Magic

Enjoy the specialty of the Wachau – the apricot. This package is for everyone who loves apricots and wants to spend relaxing hours in the Penthouse SPA and in the Himmelsstiege restaurant.
Apricot Magic

When does the apricot blossom start?

The apricot blossom in the Wachau begins – depending on the weather in spring – at the end of March and lasts until around April 10th.

How long does the apricot blossom?

Depending on the location of the apricot trees, flowering begins at the end of March and continues into April. The apricot bloom can be expected to around mid-April.

When are the apricots ripe?

The harvest time – of course, this also depends on the weather – is again in July: in an early year the apricot farmers start at the beginning of July, in a late year from around mid-July. You can find the apricot cam, where you can watch the apricot ripen.

Where can I buy apricots?

Here you can find the direct link to the apricot farmers in the Wachau:

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